Thursday, December 01, 2005

Blog Wall

Ohhh, I've done it! I've hit the wall on posting! Yes, I now officially feel that I have nothing to say. Not that that will stop me.

Infuriating day at work. Was asked by manager to attended a bi weekly meeting that focuses on reducing pressure ulcers , was enthusiastic about this. Then was told that I would have to change my schedule and attend on my day off, or, alternatively, count my attendance as my lunch and breaks. In any case, there is about four hours of work to do before the meeting so that the charts and patients are ready to be reported on. Every other floor has a manager that is doing this- and why not? Our corporate entity supports it, our hospital risk dept supports it, and it's the right thing to do. Its wrong to let sick people get bed sores. And yet, when I cheerfully bounced into my Evil Managers office to report on the meeting and ask for the out of staffing time to do a good job on this, I was absolutely shot down. Weird.

Also, The Nurse Who Does Nothing was forced to take care of my patients while I was at this meeting. He did, Nothing. No vital signs, no, turns, no meds, no nothing. ANd I'm the problem. I'm being harsh, here. I'm sure that if they had stopped breathing he would have bagged them. I think. NWDN comes in every day at 11, has no assignment untill 4, and really, does nothing. He has actually gotten a tear in his eye when forced to take an admit last week. I don't know how he does it.

Knitting- oh, hell. I've done nothing except a few useless rounds on the EPS sweater. I want to go to bed, but have to wait a few more hours untill Son One and Son Two come back from their wonderful afternoon activities with daddy. Then I can force them into bed and go myself. Sleep is wasted on the young.

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