Friday, September 22, 2006

Vermillion and Aztec Gold

Or so says the Jaquard bottles. The roving is something that spins nicely but is really drab as a yarn, so I dunked.

Today is the last year of the Jewish year- tonight at sundown the new year begins. ( I cleaned house in a really quick, Flylady kind of way.) Last week I met the first person in the history of my life who seemed to feel that Hitler was not all bad. I mean, I know they exist, I read the newspapers. But I never knew that there were nurses who felt that ( wrong headed) way. Rocked me pretty bad, especially as it is someone I see at work. For the record, she knits and sews.

SO, I contented myself today with my house, a visiting friend, my beautiful back yard, yarn, and color. Tommorow I will spend most of the day alternating between praying and keeping my kids from being the loudest kids in the congregation The syagog has hired private security to keep bad guys out.


Jo said...

Happy New Year! And o my froggies, I feel your pain on the coworker bit. I have to work with someone whose religious ideology is...odd, at best. Luckily for her, she hasn't gone as far as, "Well, you know, Hitler, he wasn't *so* bad..."

Just out of curiosity, did you gape at her, then laugh wildly and tell her she's insane?

Devorah said...

L'shana Tova! I had a classmate in High School who believed it was all a lie. We had many heated arguments over the years. Wonder where she is now?