Friday, October 27, 2006


It is almost Halloween. I love Halloween. I love people who love Halloween, even when they love the scary stuff and not the cute stuff. It is the holiday that has no stress. There is no dinner to cook, no service to attend, no relatives to see. The decorating is not strenuous, but you can go over the top if you feel like it. Pumkin carving is a magic, paganesque thing to do, and I looove to carve pumpkins. The kids eat pizza for supper and junk and candy, and get to be whatever they wand. I have extra alien eyeballs to wear, and I am looking forward to a fun time by all. Oh yeah. Let the mini candy bar eating begin.


kate loving shenk said...

hi there--just wanted you to see my new "LENS'--

also to say--i enjoy your blog--

kate loving shenk

Dez Crawford said...

Loved your comments on donating blood.