Friday, April 20, 2007

Hi Hon, I'm Home!

Well, looky here. I got my brain back. Not a whole lot to add, otherwise. I've become obsessed with ripples, as in here.

Cool stuff, but mine is a bit wider than I thought it would be due to a miscalculation. ( OK, I didn't swatch. I just made a chain and figured it looked good.) I'm not sure I would have chosen to make a queen sized afghan in rainbow colors, but what the hey. Maybe I'll keep it as a back burner project and use the ends of washable things in it- that's what I originally planned to do. Then I noticed that I had used all of my encore odd bits, and still had a ways to go.

Well, the traditional thing to do around here when a project is going poorly, or needs a decision, is to start something new! Perhaps another ripple afghan would clear the air! Yes! In mohair! To the dyepots!

AlisonH blogged me, and I have to say I'm tickled pink.


AlisonH said...

You get a blog entry, I get a fabulous baby alpaca shawl to go, wow, look what my friend made me! I think I definitely won that round!

AlisonH said...

By the way, I once started an afghan without swatching, it became a TOAD, and finally one day I pulled it out and realized that all I had to do was cast the silly thing off: ta daah! A scarf! And a long one at that (no wonder it was never going to become a blanket. It would have been absolutely ridiculously long.) So for a few minutes work I got to make a teenager happy with something really pretty and come off looking like I'd put all this time into it.