Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cool Shoes

Did your high school have cool kids who laced their shoes in a particular way? Mine did, and even if I could have figured it out ( and Lord knows, I spent enough time staring floorwards) I would have never dared to encroach on cool territory. Ahh, but today I went to Piedmont Fabrics and they had shoelaces made of vintage kimono fabric. And, I have google to teach me cool tricks- who knew there were sites devoted to shoe laces?


AlisonH said...

Boy did THIS post bring back memories! You and I would have been hanging out together back in the day. Glad we do now, when we can.

AlisonH said...

p.s. When I check my stats on my book on Amazon? In the lace/tatting category, they for the longest time had a book on shoelace tying. I always laughed when mine was higher than that one.