Saturday, March 01, 2008

Crazy Block

So, I'm gearing up for a quilting class based on premade parts. I am sewing a lot of blocks. This was the random red bits with some of the fancy stitches from the machine. It needed a little corrective creasing to lay flat, which I camouflaged with said stitching.

I have also been dyeing fabric as well. I finally realized that high thread count cotton looks much glossier than rougher fabric. Oh, duh- I already knew that from dyeing fiber. Glossy fiber comes out, well, glossier. Same thing, only different, and I'm glad I discovered this (rediscovered) before I bought fabric specifically for dyeing. I have just been playing around with left over muslin from I'm not sure what.

Knitting is also quite amusing. I have some of that new Noro sock yarn that is fun. Still slogging on the top down raglan thing. No pictures, because it still looks like a half done sweater.

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