Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fishy Happiness

This was my second original quilt. The fish are raw edge appliquéd, and I was able to cut four out of a quarter yard. Each fish has a block, four blocks are a section, and here we are at a king sized quilt. (Click on the picture for bigger.)

I think that this was the beginning of preferring scrap quilts. Of course, I had no scraps, so I had to go buy them, but one does what one can. I'd like to make another fish quilt, maybe playing with the arrangement so that the fish are swimming in streams of different colors. I think I'd ditch the border, too. This is my first, and last, mitered border. I'm more of a butt joiner. (snicker)

I can see that I was not afraid of color, even in the beginning, but I did stick with plausible colors- blue water, orange fish. I think it would be a much more interesting quilt with, oh, say, forty five more colors. What was your early original quilting like?


Joyce said...

It's beautiful but I agree that it would be even better if they were swimming randomly and in at least 40 colors. This quilt makes me inclined to try some raw edge applique.

Clare said...

40 odd colours and random fishes. Just goes to show how much we change our outlook over time.

My first quilt? A huge 9 patch that is so big it has to be doubled up to fit on DD's bed and is now falling to bits.

AlisonH said...

Oh, you mean Kaffe Fassett style?

Very cool quilt. Cheerful enough to brighten up any day.

ROZ said...

Wonderful. Reminds me of the Garibaldi fish at Catalina Island.

AlisonH said...

Oh good. Maukie's back, blinking at me typing this and wiggling his ears attentively. Yesterday there was an ad covering him. (Her?)

kayla said...

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