Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I Hide Downstairs and Sew

Conversation between three men of the family:

Son #2: So black holes are real?
Dad: Sure they're real.
S2: So what are they?
Dad: They're places where the gravity is so strong that the light doesn't have enough energy to get out; so they're black.
S2: Then what happens to the light?
Dad: It just disappears.
Son #1 interjecting from the hallway: That's not right, the black hole gains mass from the light.
Dad: (surprised) That's right, the photons add to the mass of the black hole.
Son #2: So as the black hole gets bigger, the gravity gets stronger.
Dad: Right (backing slowly towards the door).


ROZ said...

Black hole--isn't that when I make a slip with my scissors and accidentally cut into my quilt?

AlisonH said...

So that's where the documents I need to find for my taxes went!

Christine said...

Ah yes, precisely why my sewing studio is named Sheville. No boys allowed! :)

Magpie Sue said...

I recognize that conversation! Things like that happen around here too.