Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dust Bison

We have painters. They are moving room by room through the house, spreading bright white, mocha, sunshine yellow and spring green. And chaos. Lots and lots of chaos. I have had to move things that haven't been moved in ten years. I have found hair from dead dogs. I have made a few million trips to the Goodwill, and if my husband were less observant, I would make a few million more.

I have had to reveal the yarn stash. Even my son was awed by the quantity of yarn. When you can make an eleven year old notice that you have a lot of yarn, you really have a lot of yarn. His comment: "and I thought I was obsessed with LEGO".

I have an almost done sweater, and a bunch of sort of done quilts. I am trying to work small- why I don't know, but mostly because it is a challenge, and because I am hoping that the lower level of commitment will be refreshing. Sort of more like doodles than oil paintings. Can't find the camera or the camera cable,so it may be a while before we have blog photos. Meanwhile, there is the breakfast my husband made this morning, and makes every Sunday morning.

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AlisonH said...

We had our hot water heater burst a few years ago and flood the master closet. My hubby already knew one closet had a lot of yarn in it--I mean, a LOT--but he had no idea quite how much more there was tucked in there. Oh well, he found out. Good thing he's proud of my knitting!