Monday, June 15, 2009

Sumer Tiii-iime

Here are the two storm doors, converted to screen doors. I had to sand, paint, pick out broken glass, make screens and hang. I could have never done this pre Humeria. I hope it lasts.

Need to make a screen for the windo to the right of the door, and I will have a screened in porch! Pretty cool, huh?

The tree is one I planted, seven years ago. It is wonderful beyond all expectation.

The custom here is to paint the front steps. I am not so sure about this. They are currently peeling grey, and a little more paint comes off every time I sweep. I think red would be pretty, but I notice that the people who have really nice painted front steps seem to paint them every spring. I will have to confirm this with the nice guys at the paint store. I may just let the paint finish peeling, and live with the fact that they are concrete.

Kids are off school. As relaxed as I think I am, being with kids all day makes me realize that I expect a lot of zipping around in my life. It took us three hours to walk/scooter a mile to the library, pick out three books, drink a soda at the library cafe, and scooter home. Huh. Three calm, enjoyable hours, but three hours none the less. Alone, I would have allotted an hour, and that is mostly for the walking. I need to adjust and enjoy. Tomorrow, we leave for two nights of camping. We shall see how I do sleeping on an air mattress. Details to follow.


AlisonH said...

What a beautiful spot! Framed by the tree. Gorgeous. Well done!

And have fun camping. (Memories of when my kids were those ages!)

Magpie Sue said...

This picture of your front entry is just charming. The doors look fabulous! I can appreciate not wanting to get locked into having to paint the steps every year. Would it be safe to count on the kids to do it eventually?

Good luck with the camping trip!