Monday, September 07, 2009

More doll quilts

More dolls, too, but my camera went on a trip without me. When Mr Wooly brings it home, I'll photograph. While he was gone the boys and I watched two Harry Potter movies, ate out once, went to the bookstore and bought one book each, took the dog to the dog park, and ran the dishwasher twice. I also cleaned out the fridge and made bread pudding, sewed three totebags, finished one doll who only needed feet, started another, who only needs....feet, decided that the blanket I was knitting was big enough to be a baby blanket for afghans for Afghans, and atrted another baby blanket out of all the single balls of chinky yarn lurking around here. Not a bad weekend. Before he left I cut out, pieced, quilted and bound a lap quilt for my MIL ( disapearing nine patch with BIG patches). I'm not sure how it was recieved, as she didn't call or anything, but at least I made the effeort. Thank G-d I have a roomba!


Tiruba said...

Love it!

AlisonH said...

I like that one a lot. And good for you on getting so much done--a4A especially.


Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Fabulous quilt, quilts, socks, feet, dogs, stories, blog. If you check sitemeter it will say someone (me) was here for hours. I really ate a turkey dinner in the middle of it and watched the news. Then, I remembered I had not finished my fun foray into your world of 'yarn, kids, dogs and a few weirdos' and was still online! You've been a very good read! I have felt your anquish, joy, sense of great fun, and yes, even a bit of attitude...I'm saving your bar and waitress comment if I ever need a 'save' for a friend ;)