Friday, April 16, 2010

Stringy Goodness

Here's the finish of my leader and ender string quilt. Leaders and enders is just a way of sewing, where you always just feed the next thing through the machine. It's Bonnie Hunters idea, and she has a real nice book about it.

I am going to use a blanket as the batting, tie it, and give it to the homeless shelter. It is so cheerful! I love it so much, luckily I've already started another one.

Speaking of blankets, my dear mother came over one day last week while I was at work. She washed all the quilts in the washer ( which I do) and put them in the dryer, which I don't. I kept calm, but it was a near thing. I guess they will look crinkly like this forever, now. Her remark was "I washed all those home made blanket the kids sleep wit. It you want new ones that match their rugs, I'd be happy to take them to Target." I'm seriously thinking of changing my lock. It will cause an uproar, but I have really had it. I'm going to give myself a little time to cool off, and I see my best friend since forever at Maryland Sheep and Wool in two weeks, so I'm going to see what she thinks.


Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Totally love this quilt! But your dear mother story had me choking with laughter at the things people say and do...oh my! Wrinkly goodness is such a wonderful thing but sometimes, the older they get, the more we just have to shake our heads at them ;)

j said...

Sometimes people just don't get it...and sometimes those people are in our own families. I was informed by my MIL that my SIL's thought I only made baby quilts so I wouldn't have to buy "real" presents. Now, ten years later quilts are cool and they are all begging for one. I still buy them all "real" presents. Have patience with your Mom and remember, an occasional washing and drying only makes a quilt that much cozier.

ROZ said...

I love the string quilt, and I must look for that book you mentioned. I know Moms can be a pain sometimes, but mine passed away 10 years ago.

AlisonH said...

I'm so sorry! Can you steam them, holding an iron above and hoping?

Some people are just obtuse. (I'm saying this after a month-long drama with a neighbor, where I finally had to tell her flat out, No. While thinking, you can no longer use my niceness against me and you cannot have what you want. Period.)