Sunday, September 05, 2010

What I did this weekend

Here is the front of the Liberated Sand Pails...back brought to front and machine sewed down for binding...
And here is the back. Took a while to get the back to match the front in size, but I tell myself that the scrappines only adds to it's charm. I like this giant quilt block- I will do this again, especially for a large print like this fishy one. There is no batting, so there will be no quilting, so it is done!
Slogged through the husband's T-shirt quilt with minimal in the ditch quilting. Binding is on, needs to be hand sewed down.

Also sandwiched another two sided summer spread (quilt with n batting inside) that I want to send to a friend, so I'll post it after they get it. I don't know if the recipient reads my blog or not, so mums the word for now. Altogether that's FIVE tops that were used up today. If it weren't so hard to match sizes, I would do more two sided quilts. Measuring is not my strong suit.
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Anonymous said...

I am loving those sand pails!

Magpie Sue said...

I LOVE your sand pail quilt! Good job on making it two sided :- )