Sunday, January 16, 2011

Floor progress, knitting

Here is a quilt I just deliered to the shelter for mentally ill women. Magpie Sue has also made some quilts for them. It is a very nice shelter- they get a ton of services, the most unique of which is that anytime you want, you can come back for dinner. Just like a family. I love how the circles on the fabric make the sashing look. I did not predict that, but I will be looking for large scale circles on more fabric so I an do it again!
Alison asked if it was all fixed. Uhm, not yet. It is flatter, though. Tommorow the floor guys come and put down more floor, and then sand a fefinish the whole thing. That is the real reason I want this room for my bedroom- I want a beautiful maple floor all to myself . I don't want to flip out at the kids about it, but when I moved the furnitre ad saw exactly how much scratching, scuffing, scarring, and staining two little boys could do to a floor, I had to rethink leaving this as the playroom. So, mine, all mine. ( Well, and DH.)
Here's the beginning of an entrelack scarf/shawl. Al lmy hoarded Koigu. I will do one of squares in each color and then repeat until either long enough or no more yarn. The lastic bags have numbers on them, so I know what order I decided on. I know, so much planning for me. Well, that's the news from here!
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AlisonH said...

I'm floored. (ducking!)

Enjoy the entrelac and all the colors!

ROZ said...

amazing what a change the sashing makes! I know that I ought to try something like that

Anonymous said...

It is 2 degrees Fahrenheit here tonight. I am looking past your lovely yarn and noticing the reflection of the sun & shadows on the table. Could use a little of that -just now. Snuggled under a quilt made by a lovely quilter I know.
Maggie in MI