Friday, April 22, 2011

garden pictures


making a bouquet out my own flowers always makes me happy.
a recently painted rabbit.  He ws a grey olor- no he is lovely blue with stamped white flowers.

chicken one
and chicken two

and an irisPosted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

How lovely !!!
Maggie in MI

Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh my goodness! What beautiful flowers you have! Love your painted and stamped bunny too...nicely done!

Miss Kitty said...


What pretty girls you have! Buff Orps, I take it? Ohhh, how I want more chickens. Might have to get Leroy another few girlfriends so he'll lay off of Ida B. and Lucille. I had to barge into the pen this evening and swat him with an old broom to get him off of Ida...he was clawing her so fiercely, and she was pressed so flat against the ground, that for a second I thought he'd killed her. :-(

Also: I have never seen an iris like that. Gorgeous!