Friday, June 03, 2011

Junk? Antiques? Junky Antiques?

I was enjoying an hour of solitude so I decided to stop into a local antiques store.  It has been in business for thousands of years, i think. It is a bit of a tease, because the prices are rather high, and whenever you offer anything lower, the owner, herself an antique, looks at you over her glasses and says " That is a really OLD (breadbox, sewing machine, doily) I can't let it go for less"

So, I go and look there when I do not have a small child with me and look, and rarely buy.

This sewing machine tempted me greatly.  It is both a hand crank and an early electric.  The motor is on a pivot.  The wooden flywheel has a crank, but no gears for cranking.  However, I noticed that the size of the hand wheel seemed to make it more than one stitch per crank. I think.  Because first, it was on the floor, and hard to see.  Second, as soon as I started showing interest, the store owner tottered over and started telling me how OLD it was, third, I couldn't see if it had it's shuttle/bobbin, and finally, it was marked at $250.  I really suspect that she is happy to not sell anything, and while I was there two pickers came in with loads of stuff.  She really ought to reinforce the foundations, because the whole thing could sink at any moment.

Another shot of the interior.  This is a fairly clear walkway. There are other walkways not as clear.  You could spend about a week in here, and still not really see it all!
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Clare said...

We've got a place very similar near us, but not overpriced, unless it really is an antique. That's where I find all my perle cotton. There are draws full of it.

Clare said...

PS Could you change your link to my blog. It's xx

CraftyGamerGrl said...

i agree they are over priced. and they do have some pretty interesting old stuff. i liked looking in there to see how the world "used to be".