Friday, July 15, 2011

Sewing machine decals

Here's the latest on the 28 re-do.  The singer decals are purchased.  The birds and flowers are home made decals, made with the packing tape decal method (here). However, I used stickers, and despite what the ladies on the link say, I have used inkjet, newsprint, all kinds of things. Before I made the decals, I painted highlights on the stickers with gold paint.  The packing tape decals are easier to work with, as they are thick.  Downside, of course, is that more layers of clearcoat will be needed to blend in the edges.  

Have more to do, but it is tedious work, and I can't do it when I'm tired or distracted, which lately seems to be a lot of the time!

So, uhm, everyone gets it, right?  Singer sewing machine? bluebirds? Singers?  I crack myself up.


DragonPoodle said...

I didn't get it til you explained, then it cracked me up too! Love the decals.

Magpie Sue said...

I had to think about it for a moment too, but I got it! teehee

You are turning this into such a cool machine!

Magpie Sue said...

Thanks for the link; I just checked it out. I didn't even know about the large laminating sheets to say nothing of this method for transferring images. I'm guessing there's very little sticky left on the tape once the paper has been removed so another adhesive has to be employed to get the image onto the final surface. Am I right?

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love the bluebird machine. I have a 'sewing bird' so, why not a bluebird? Great job!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

My grandma's treadle machine was all decorated with a beautiful flower design.