Friday, February 10, 2012

My Polish Girls

These little dolls were from the 1950's I think.  They are cloth, stuffed with sawdust, and have plastic mask faces. They are dressed in costumes that are supposed to represent different countries.  I don't know much else about them, but they were all made in Poland. Anyone else know anything about them?
The fourth from the left was the first one I bought , when i was just a little kid.


DragonPoodle said...

I had one of these back in the day! (the early to mid-1950's day). She was just one of my 7 dolls, all named some version of Susan (Suzanne, Suzi, etc.. Yes, I WAS an odd child). And although I remember the names, I had forgotten what the dolls looked like, and today you brought back a memory for me. Thanks!

Michele Bilyeu said...

What a wonderful collection! It seems to me that these would be a valuable should do a google or ebay search just to find out! Fun sewing bench redo and quilting~