Monday, January 09, 2006

Not Another Hobby

A new dragon! One more way to play with wool.

I started the day with Kelly the Dog peeing on the bedroom floor. On a pile of magazines and other crud. I had been meaning to clean, and so I did. But, hey, now I'm much cleaner. She's not usually much of a pee-er. (That's Annie who hasn't really embraced housebreaking.) But Kelly is a big food snatcher . Since she got caught , and yelled at, she did the correct doggie thing and peed. Just to show us how much she cared. One more day off.

Work- haven't heard about my transfer to the pedi floor. I am taking the next chemo class next week, tho. If I get a three day position, I think I'd work on the moon. I might even go to adults, if I had to. Welllll maybe not that far. If I have to wipe butts, I want them to be cute little butts, not big old wrinkly butts.


Helen said...

It won't work.
You can't make me forsake everything and make a dragon! You can't make me....
But you sure did make me want to!
Of course if I DID, it'd have to be three.. one for me, and one for each duaghter to make sure I got to keep mine!

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