Friday, January 27, 2006

So Tired

I had a hellish busy day. It was 4 o'clock before I hit clear water, and only because the oncoming nurse is a fabulous human bean and took off all the orders from the chart that I had not taken off from my other patient. Bless her. The really sick kid, the one with the surgical belly and the fever and the tachypnea and the low platelets and the overall bad prognosis and the screaming lots and lots of screaming. Her, I had actually done all the order, and many of them had been taken off by the other nurses, bless them. Have I mentioned how much I love ward clerks? Have I mentioned that we did not have one? Did anyone else know that parking was something you did with a phone? What happens to that call if you are too stupid to figure out how to pick it up? Do YOU know where the blood orders are stocked? I do , know, but the place looked like a medically based yard sale, and a visit from the form fairy would have been helpful.

I am obsessed with doll making. Is that good?

Or should I knit, now?

Maybe sit on the couch, and stare, blankly at these nice people who are playing toys and stealing noodle out of the dish this guy brought me. Oh yeah, that's my husband.

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