Thursday, June 08, 2006

The towel bar fell off,

And so , of course, I am repainting the bathroom. The usual insanity- if I have to spackel, I have to paint, and if I have to paint, I have to match the paint, and if I have to match the paint, I have to go to the groovy paint store that matches colors by computer, and if I have to go to the groovy paint store, I have to walk by the paint color display, and voila two gallons of new colors. Every thing in the bathroom and pantry, which is what we call the odd little room at the bottom of the kitchen stairs, the almost room that you walk through to either go left,into the bathroom, or right, into the family room, every thing is pulled out and newspapers are everywhere.

After much deliberation, I chose an intense robins egg blue. You shall have pictures tomorrow. The other color is a shiny white. There is a lot of woodwork and cabinets in the pantry, and I may have to add another color, just to keep the blue green from being overwhelming.

Adding another color is my usual solution, be it knitting, quilting, dyeing, and now, painting. Color is good.

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