Saturday, January 20, 2007


I seem to be hat impaired. The last three I have knit that were meant to fit someone ( as opposed to those hats that were for charity, or newborn gifts, or were really swatch caps) have been wildly inaccurate. Finally I knit a sideways garter stitch hat, similar to the harlot's scarf rescue hat, but with short rows, and it fit me. Still have a am to rip out. Make that the last five hats, as their are two tams that have each been ripped out twice. The other hat I gave up, and sent to afghans for Afghans.

SO I guess all the mojo is in the sideways knit, and as I just finished a baby sweater made that way, and have cast on and knit the front of a sweater for me me me in that direction, I guess I have to go with the mojo.

On work, there is nothing to report. I am perpetually looking for a new, or additional job and thing I have found one in the recovery room. I plan to drop by on Monday and chat with the head nurse and she how the work is there. Head nurse herself has warned me that it is not for the paranoid or insecure, so I have to see if that means that it is a busy place with a lot to do and not much hand holding, or alternately, if it is an insane environment where your coworker will not help code a patient that is not in her assignment. More will be revealed.

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