Monday, January 08, 2007

ok, then

Did a bunch of finishing knitting for afghans for Afghans. Mostly hats, but a lopi sweater, too. Knit a scarf for the Orphan Foundation of America Red Scarf Project. They send a Valentine's care package to former foster children who are in college. Keep knitting for charity, but I still feel like a loser. Could it be the famed Spring Depressive Episode is going to be early this year?

Made a sweater, which I like. Asked the dh if it was flattering, and he said that there is no woman so lovely that here looks are enhanced by wearing a cardigan sweater. Hmmmm. At least, and this was a goal, it is the correct size and has a norman amount of ease. My MO is usually to knit vast tracts of wool, and then wonder why it looks like a bathrobe. Actually, I have a garter stitch coat that would be a lovely bathrobe, if I added about six inches to the length. Might be a possibility. Wanted to add a photo of the Einstein Sweater, but all the photos had proud creators in them, and I don't want to mock anyone. (Anyone but me, that is.)

Oh, and did I mention my dog died? Well, I had her put down. Noodle, the Standard Poodle is gone. She was a good girl, a second hand pet . We are down to a sane number of dogs, now ( two), but that is a cold comfort.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! That's a hard one.


Jo said...

Oh, no! WW, I am so sorry about Miss Noodle. Poor you.