Friday, September 14, 2007

We're So Lucky to Live Here

Which is how I think of the name of the quilt I'm making. Here's one possible layout. The spaces will either be filled with a black and white fabric in the stlye of my heroes, Gwen and Freddy, or the blocks will be trimmed to fit.

I need to take a closer picture, but each house has a child's face in the window.

I tried to not use batiks, which was, for me, like giving up a drug. I have to say though, I'm more pleased than I usually am at this stage.


AlisonH said...

Oh, that's cool! (Do NOT drag me into quilting, do NOT, I don't have room for the fabric stash I can just see happening.) But wow, that's cool.

Okay, back to my yarn I dyed...

Ruth said...

Laura, you asked on ST about alternate block placement... try bringing that bottom right house down one row, and putting one of the red-centered blocks in its place.

I dunno, I want the houses to have a street made of flowers down the middle.

Great quilt!!