Saturday, September 15, 2007

Yummy Ocean

Here's the progress I have made on the ocean waves stole, from The yarn is from the dye day a few days back. Interestingly, the color of the yarn is pretty close, the color of the rug is way off. It will look even nice blocked.

Oh, and I got my Ravelry invite. I added my books, the ones I could. No idea how to add yarn or projects as the only source acceptable for photos is flikr and i do not have the strength to set up one more account for anything.

Oh yes, nursing content. Well, actually, very little. I've been plugging away at the job, slowly reducing the number of dumb questions I ask. I find it fascinating that so many departments of the hospital have no understanding of how the other departments work, or don't work. Say a patient, formerly very sick and now just depleted and on the mend, needs some equipment. You'd think that the MD would understand that we needed a signed order, the folks who deliver the equipment would understand that if the contact person for delivery is not home, they are most likely at their family members hospital bed side, fretting about things, and that the folks who track all of this in order to prevent unnecessary days of hospitalization would realize that all this needs to happen in an organized fashion. Some how the department that teaches people how to manage their newly, and frequently shockingly medical equipment laden life ( that would be my department) is the one that takes the hit when this supposedly simple chain fails. Over all, very frustrating, as I and my fellows have a unique longitudinal view of where the hospital to home system works and doesn't work. Someone could ask us, I suppose, but, as Eyore would say, no one ever does. But hey, I get payed by the hour, and it's not a bad gig.


AlisonH said...

Oh goodness--that's gorgeous. Gee, if I brought you some hanks... (Okay, I'll stop now.) But you got a serious "Oooooh!!" out of me as that picture opened up. You did a beautiful job.

Having once been the patient in that description myself, I want you to know that the nurses who helped me out--the ones who understood what it was like to be in my shoes--I have gone back to and thanked more than once. They made a profound difference. I remember one nurse supervisor who ranted, "I am NOT putting one more IV in this patient! I want a PCC line nurse NOW!" She had been told they were all booked solid and I couldn't have one for two more days. I had many many blown veins.

All the sudden one showed up, and told us SHE'D been told she could take a break, that nobody needed her that afternoon.

It was someone who was willing to take on the hospital system that made it so I had far less pain overall to have to deal with, and I was able to go home a day earlier because I had my line in.

Just so you know: we do notice (or should). You do make a difference.

Linda in Alameda, CA said...

Knitting Nurse - so very glad I ran into you today in Alameda's best yarn shop. I looked up the link to the Ocean Wave shawl pattern, and would love to make it (in something other than mohair!). I will look for the pattern next weekend at TKGA. But I really like the colorway you were using today for your shawl. Have you dyed any other type of yarn in those same pink and cream colors?

Linda in Alameda, CA