Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Things I've Learned

Never, ever, put a banana in a backpack. No amount of care can make it turn out well.

Sideways knit, short row garter stitch hats are an excellent use of handspun yarn, or any yarn of inconsistent gauge.

Large dogs are easier to housebreak than small dogs. I do not know if this is a characteristic of the dog, or if it is because I care much, much, more about the poo from a 90 pound animal than a five pound one.

Small children are both more work and more fun than I though possible
To paraphrase Annie Lamott, Until I had a child, I was able to deceive myself that I was a good person. Now I know I am good enough, but it's an uphill climb.

I can never, ever, stop taking anti depressants. I would take them even if it was proven to shorten my life.

If I had to give up coffee, I could, but I hope I never have to.

Kind people seem to get more cancer than mean people.

Drunks seem to live forever- or does it just seem that way to me?

The best deaths for the dying seem to be different than the best deaths for the grieving.

Leave me a comment with a random thing you have learned, if you'd like.


AlisonH said...

That some of the best moments with teenagers come when they reach way down to you, wrapping an arm over your shoulder, and smile at you, "My little mommy."

That when they're at the more difficult stages of teenagerhood, the best way to get them to open up and talk is to stay up way too late together and eat their favorite dessert with them. Especially if you made it, but, Trader Joe's will do in a pinch.

That you can knit a shawl, alone, for hours and days, and then change the world in an instant at the moment someone's surprised eyes light up.

That when I was too far gone in that hospital bed to keep breathing for myself, or even for my grieving husband, the love from my nurses and my doctor, who fervently needed me not to let go, somehow were what gave me the strength to hang on. How, I still wonder. But it was so. And I can never thank them enough.

It was wonderful making their eyes light up later.

pattymk13 said...

The best advice on marriage was told to me by a dear friend (I wonder who) who said it was from her beloved grandmother: Go into marriage with your eyes wide open and after the wedding, keep your eyes half shut.
I think this really applies to all relationships.

Also, I am awed by your many posts and updates and love your pictures.

Elliott said...

Never trust blogger to allow you to post easily. I'll post the comment I just lost when I'm less frustrated.

AlisonH said...

Routinely having to cut-and-paste-just-in-case: why my blog's off Blogger and on Wordpress now. Sorry about that, Elliott--and boy can I relate!

Linda in Alameda, CA said...

Being young may be wonderful, but being old is sooooo comfortable.