Monday, November 26, 2007

No Time!

Ok, folks, I have a time problem. There isn't enough, really, and then I go do something dumb, like this plastic bag fusing. See the idea is, that you take six plastic bags, open them flat, sandwich them between paper and melt them into this new, uhm, substance. Directions here, if you must. But don't really, unless you have a lot more time than money, and a high tolerance for melting plastic fumes.

I have a stash. We all know that. I have a yarn stash, a fabric stash, a cool things for kids art stash, a bead stash, a book stash ( of things to read, fiction, plus books about using the above materials.) I have a sewing area, a yarn room ( doubles as the bedroom, dontcha know) . I have three spinning wheels and four or five fleeces worth, plus roving, plus 4 ounces of cashmere, plus R lent me her Bosworth charka and gave me a pound of cotton to play with. Oh, yes, and the LYSO has entrusted me with her circular sock knitting machine, to see if I can get it knitting.

I have even got a jumbo bin of Red Heart yarn for teaching children's knitting, although I haven't done that for, oh, three years. ( An aside- when my son went to private school, I mentioned that I would teach fourth grade and up to knit, if they wanted. They wanted- I became an elective, had a room, an aide, and a bunch of kids. Mention the same thing in public school number one- nope, no can do, and why would I want to volunteer in a class other than my child's? Oh, well, next year, we were diverted to public school number two, which we didn't fight because it was considered a better school- well, they have no time for knitting either, except one day for two hours and that was it. No more knitting, but they all got a hand out. Now Son 2 is at yet a different public school, and they too, have no time for knitting. We also can't plant peas without getting passed by a committee, but then, I said this was an aside. )

So, I have untold wealth a beauty to spend my time with, valuable tools to work with and a free hour. And I decide to try and fuse plastic bags into a usable material, so that I can sew a grocery bag. I have to wonder at my self esteem- I walked past riches to work with junk. Clearly, I need to start treating myself better.

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AlisonH said...

It's not a matter of self-esteem--it's sheer delightful curiosity. The thing sounds so outlandish yet so practical and useful and appealing to one's sense of doing right by the planet, etc etc. Besides, I could see it sparking conversation all around--waste not want not to the nth degree. Our grandmothers would be proud, our neighbors respectful.

And now that you've tried it out for me, I guess I don't need to. Besides, I just crowed to my dad that I'd finally cleaned the laundry room. If I tried ironing plastic bags together, and the folks came for a visit, he'd take a whiff and accuse me of having cleaned it by firebombing it.