Friday, November 30, 2007

Sweater Goodness

We are having actual winter weather here- rare for us. It makes wool all the better. Here's what I've been working on. The yarn is a mystery- the shop owner said she brought it from Europe, but there was very little of it- three skeins- and no label. It has long color repeats, and so I am working with both ends of the skein, and letting the colors do their work. You see the yoke off the needles because I was worried about what the true dimensions were. After blocking, I was reassured. The body will be a solid, something, haven't got that worked out yet.

I started quilting, after a few months off. Have to get someone to hold up the quilt so I can take a photo. I also hauled out the fabric stash, re folded and grouped by color. I lack greens, too much purple, really, and short on the good yellows as well. Also, I have too many cute juvenile type prints, as I really don't want to make a bunch of quilts for charity just now. I will hold onto the prints, though. Just owning them prevents me from buying more cute, juvenile prints. A sew of the fabrics it seemed I had bought more than once. AT first it was just an odd- oh my I'm getting old feeling, but when I looked at the ones I had bought twice I saw a lot of really happy, warm colors. Need to beef up the greens and put a wide border on the top I'm working on, as I want it for a bed quilt so it needs to meet size requirements. To the fabric store!


Elliott said...

"...To the fabric store." Noooooo! The yarn stash long ago took over the bedroom which is why the fabric stash has been relegated to the living room/dining room (if you don't remember). You are starting to have problems fitting it in the cabinets there so Noooooooooo.o..o...o....o.....o......
Tthe cry devolves into a moan, and then a whimper, followed by incomprehending silence.) said...

Rofl! Elliott, you need to meet my husband... I got given a large weaving loom, and my Richard's reaction was that we'd already added onto the house, already added a new closet, I'd filled it with yarn and there just wasn't room for a new hobby. I was going, but it uses the same stuff--yarn!

I much prefer knitting anyway, so the loom sits there untouched, it turned out.

--AlisonH at