Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lovebird Quilt

Here's a lousy picture of the quilt- or I should say, spread, because it has no batting. Quilts with no batting, but having a top and a back, are called summer spreads. I read about them, and I thought it was a nice idea. I like to have something on me when I sleep, but it gets pretty hot up here in the summer. The photo is dark- the birds are actually blue. I cut the pair of them freehand out of a folded piece of blue left over from the t ball coach's quilt.

Two things I learned with this quilt are that I cannot remember measurements worth beans. (This is approximately the three hundredth and forty seventh time I have learned this.) Therefore, the quilt is a little too narrow for the bed. I did remember the extra length I wanted, but I somehow failed to grasp the rectangularity of it all. ( It's about 75 by 90 inches, a little narrow for this queen sized bed. The second thing is that the darker elements are the most noticeable, not the brightest. I had thought that the pink rose appliqu├ęs would be more prominent. I think it is fine the way it it, though. I made the center baskets while getting blocks made for the Marston and Moran class I took in March.

I already started a red and green quilt. I think I am an addict.

Well, off to work tomorrow. Next post probably in a week.


AmyS said...

I love your quilt tops! I don't have enough confidence to work as I go when it comes to anything related to sewing.

woolywoman said...

Amy- just start small. Make a free pieced place mat. Make a coaster. You'll see!