Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Blame Kay and Ann

of Mason Dixon Knitting, for this new obsession with dishcloth cotton. Above is the towel from their new book, below is the string bag I made up. I have four balls left of this stuff, from stash, and hopefully my fever will have cooled, by the time it is used up.

Otherwise, I am crabby. Not crabby in an enjoyable way, where I have constructed a mental fort underneath the card table or behind the sofa, but crabby in the unfun way, where I am startled at how irritable I am, and how much my children are getting on my nerves.

The dogs have a new toy, and it is excellent: a squeaker toy that they haven't been able to rip up. It is this one, the Kong Wubba.

Otherwise, I am knitting along.


Clare said...

Oh no - we're not loosing another quilter to knitting? Please say we're not.

AlisonH said...

Yay, she's knitting again! Hey, Clare, we had her first. (I think.) Speaking of which, any chance of running into you again at Copperfield Books a la Stephanie a week from Saturday?