Friday, September 19, 2008

Solid Colors, Again, and some shopping

New Pieces has moved to a new, huge location in Berkeley. They are closing out this thread, which my machine and I agree is nice, for one dollar.
Then there were some solid colors and a sale batik that also followed me home. Funny story: While I was shopping, there was another lady shopping. She was dressed to the nines, talking of trips to Asia and Europe to the sales lady, mentioning expensive retreats and classes she had taken. She bought a fat quarter, after much agonizing. I, on the other hand, in clothes that I had napped in......The owner was very nice. She enthused about the quilt top I had brought along, and about Gwen Marston, and apologized for the small amount of solids she had in stock. She was planning on rebuilding that section. It was a very nice visit. I may take a class there, but I don't know. I worry that the wrong teacher would be dispiriting, and a waste of money. Plus, a lot of quilters a re kind of mean about the free form stuff.
Here is the quilt layed out to baste. I am having trouble getting a decent photograph indoors. I'm not sure what I think of the bottom border- it was an experiment.
Here is the backing, and a view of the top border. I remember Gwen saying that if all the borders are the same, you only have to look at one of them. But if they are different....

Note to the new reader who wondered if I was aware that I spelled "Wierdos" wrong in my header. Well, yes, I noticed it the second or third day. But it is such a typical me kind of thing- the misspelling- and sort of weird, so I left it.


Geriatric Nursing said...

I have never quilted however admire individuals who are able to put quilts together. I do crochet. Your material collection and thread was a great find.

Clare said...

Oh oh oh - look at those colours and that batik!

Laura - the quilt is fantastic. So full of fun. I love it.

Joyce said...

Looking great! I have ordered the book and can't wait for it to arrive.