Saturday, January 10, 2009

You will need to squint

I kept waiting for to take decent photos in daylight, but it seems to get dark a few moments after lunchtime, so here is some nice, blurry, flash photography. Above is a quilt for donation.
Close up of the cute fabric in the next quilt
Do not adjust you set. We are looking with broad strokes, here. Another quilt for donation.
This one is inspired by the blog Busy Intersection. Not done yet. the center is surrounded by houses. Inside each house's window is a woman holding a baby. The words say " I know how to love. My Mother taught me." This one really needs a decent photo. Not done yet,.
Here's the Chinese coins quilt, made of the difficult fabrics. Now I suppose I will have to find somewhere clear on the floor and baste some of these tops, and quilt them. It's the finding somewhere clean and clear that is the hard spot, when no one is around to step on the quilts.


Torina said...

Every single one of those quilts are gorgeous. I squealed in delight when you said that one was inspired by my blog :)

jovaliquilts said...

Wow, you've been busy!! I really, really like your house one, but I also like your use of fabric on the Chinese coins. Looks great!
Here's to spring and longer days for more chances to take photos ... and of course, to put away those coats!

Clare said...

These are gorgeous - just gorgeous. I love the houses one - what a lovely idea - and the fabric in the Chinese Coins is beautiful.

Best of luck with the basting and quilting. I'm with you on a clear clean space with no one else's feet.

belinda said...

yes,,,I have been busy....I just really like all of them!!

Magpie Sue said...

Aarrrgh! I can't see the pictures! I wonder if it's my computer or Blogger or this particular moment in time or what???? How frustrating!

AlisonH said...