Thursday, January 29, 2009

You are so lucky you can't smell this

Well, this isn't so bad, although an unwashed fleece is not something that you smell more of than you have to. I still have half a fleece left from last year Maryland Sheep and Wool, and it is a really nice sunny day here.
But this? Wheeeeeewh It is a nice rose color, but man, does it stink. I had some cochineal soaking and sort of forgot about it. It didn't smell really, bad, so I mordanted some wool and set it on the stove. OMG, does it reek. I rinsed the yarn twice, and it will need a real wash before it can be worked with. Yergh. I'm a nurse, and some days it seem like I smell bad things for a living, but this is an outstanding odor. I am actually sitting on my own from porch, hoping that having all the windows open and boiling a sliced lemon on the stove will air the house out enough. Two people walking by just commented. "What's that smell?" coming from the back yard. Yep. I'm a public nuisance. But a public nuisance with some really pretty rose mohair.

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Torina said...

I love your dyed yarns. I have always wanted to try that. Gorgeous.