Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rocky Road to Who Knows Where

Describes the process of getting this post done and the quilt. I am cutting my center kites from fabric I had sewn together into strata. Most of my strips are not small, and it is a lot of cutting to get them small enough to use. So I just layed out a template and cut them real close to each other. Then I will make the rest of the square on a foundation.

Here's the quilt in Bonnie's book and the strata, waiting to be cut. I can't remember what I was making when I first sewed it. I have to make a bunch of strip quilts, just to get the exploding box of strips back under control.

I have been working a lot. My cute younger son has lost his two front teeth! School starts in two weeks. Too bad, I love summer. I hate how school stresses out both my kids. I know, they need to learn the life lessons involved, but dang, it is so fun to have them home!

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AlisonH said...

Look at all those colors! Makes me want to run to the LYS. Glad to hear you're enjoying your boys so much. (Lost his two front teeth? My stars, how did he get that old already?)