Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Log Cabin, Solids, Straight Furrows

The colors are off, because it's night time here. The olive is one of those fabrics where the warp is one color and the weft is another, and together they make a third color. The yellows are really a variety of oranges. I think I will make sixteen blocks, so that it will be a perfect square.

Work was sloooowwwww. I have a co worker who is offended by mu knitting during slow times. Oddly, she is not offended by web surfing, novel reading, or phone conversing, but hey, I don't make waves. Tomorrow I am three people all at once, so that may make the day move more briskly. We shall see.


BayIslandMama said...

Hey Pal -
This is a really lovely little quilt containing some of my very favorite colors. Who gets this one? (Hint, hint!)
Your first Laura.

AlisonH said...

She doesn't like seeing actual productivity taking place?

Love the quilt. Love my warm purple fuzzy for foggy mornings; I think of you every morning with it here at the computer as I check my email.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I used to work on quilt binding or hand quilting on my AAQI priority quilts when I covered the front desk during lunch hours - it's okay for the receptionist to clean, file, and paint her fingernails; play online games; talk to friends on her cell phone ~ but it was not okay for me to stitch. Go figure!