Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scrappy Mountains



Here is my version on Bonnie Hunters pattern, which is a variation of delectable mountains. The pattern is found on her lovely website here. Really, you should go check out her site, even if you don't quilt just to see the wonderful pictures, and if you are at all curious to see the cool names that quilt patterns have. I'll wait!

The only difference is that I used 10.5 inch squares for my starting size, because ( as I also learned from Bonnie), this gives you the least amount of waste of fabric. I liked all these fabrics, but some of them were a little difficult to figure out what to do with. The other difference from Bonnie's pattern is that I did not measure the vertical cuts I made, I just eyeballed them, and I did not stop and make the squares more square shaped until I had four blocks sewn together.

At one point in the making of this quilt top, I was going to change the name from delectable mountains to dyslexic mountains, because I kept reversing the way the block should be. Those of us with dyslexia have an unfair advantage when it comes to making original, liberated quilts. We can get things backwards with no extra effort at all!

I'm so happy that I have found quilting. My stupid arthritis makes it so that I cannot knit for hours at a time any ore. ( Note to universe: I am really grateful that I can knit at all. I don not require an increase in arthritis symptoms at this point. Arthritis is the wookie. I know that. The wookie will win. I am happy that the wookie lets me play chess with him at all.) Quilting is a nice change in what part of my hands are used. Pus, you know, it makes quilts. Bonus!
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Diane said...

I just laughed and laughed when I read your comment about the dyslexic mountains and the unfair advantage dyslexia gives you! What a winning attitude and great sense of humour. It has made my day. Thankyou

AlisonH said...

I wear custom-made splints at night that keep my fingers from curling and my hands from tightening up. Best pain 'med' ever. I saw a physical therapist who specializes in hands (and musicians).

Dunno though if I'm being one more person telling you what to do, and every chronically ill person needs fewer of those. Besides, look at those quilts!