Friday, November 26, 2010

May I Introduce...the Bead Family

 So, uhm, yeah.  A new craft!  When Maggie from MI visited, it got me fired up about the beads again.
 This one, I made a Byzantine chain, (scroll down, for some reason here is a blank space on that page), then wrapped the beads and added them.  Pretty pleased with t.  Makes a nice jangly sound.
 This one is called an Egyptian chain, directions from Instructables.
Very fun.  Best of all, the whole stash takes only one yarn tub, including tools.  I am actually remembering to wear some jewelry now that I am making it. ( What little I have of good jewelry is in a safe deposit box, so I never really wear it, but I do visit it sometimes at the bank! )


Michele Bilyeu said...

These are wonderful! I think beading is a great companion hobby to all of your other talents! You do such nice work, too!

Magpie Sue said...

Oooo, I *like* what you've made! Keep going!

Anonymous said...

WOW- that is one virulent bead bug that bit you. They are so pretty!!! Love the wrapping on the last one.
Maggie in MI

pattymk13 said...

The beading bug is addictive! Remember how excited I was when I visited you and we went to bead stores in SF? I still have some of those beads and I made many necklaces and earings. Your stuff looks great.