Sunday, November 28, 2010

When I grow up...

I will have all the pets I want: As many as I want and I will name them silly names and take good care of them. I will keep my house more for comfort that for show, and all, even those with muddy feet, will be made welcome.
 I will put my children's needs before my own, remembering that I am the one who brought them here, and that sometimes being the grownup is no fun ,but worth it. I will protect them without smothering, and I will always do right by them.
 I will do crafts all the time, whatever I want, whether I am good at it or not, and if no one in the family wants what I make I will cheerfully give it to friends and strangers.  I will never say to anyone "you do that wrong". I will make things because I want to, and I will squash the little voice that says "why bother? You're not perfect".
 I will keep a sense of humor and silliness, showing my kids that it is not necessary to be grim to be dutiful.
I will live somewhere beautiful, where I wake up every day and think "Pinch me! I live here!"

What  promises did you make to your little self?


Sharon said...

It sounds to me like your have your priorities straight! And yeah, pretty much the same promises to myself as yours. (Must be why I agree with you!)

Magpie Sue said...

Without really being aware of it I've held nearly all of the same dreams. Haven't necessarily achieved them all yet... ;- )

Anonymous said...

Wow- this is truly an inspiration!!!I am striving to live the life I dream of. You have given me a wonderful nudge.
Maggie in MI

AlisonH said...


Carol E. said...

Why have I not visited your blog before? You are hilarious! Whatever happened to Fixing yourself? Your list of things to fix could be me exactly, except that my marriage is fabulous, and my kids are now adults, so whatever damage I've done is now unfixable.