Friday, October 28, 2011

Poor, rescued orphan machine

UPDATE! This machine has found a home! This is a treadle machine that came from a house that looked like an episode of hoarders.  The lady's family was doing a not entirely congenial clearing out of her house, as it had become a bit of a fire code violation

Anyway, it was on the pickup truck ready for the dump when she called me.  I think that I had bought a sewing machine from her last year, so it was kind of random.  I live one exit from the dump, so her dad pulled up, said, "want it or not? I have to get three more loads in today" I took it.  She cried.  I also offered to find homes for any other sewing things, but NOT for fabric. I didn't take before pictures, but I should have.  The irons were rusted and frozen, and the veneer was splintered and peeling.

You can see that I just took the top layer of veneer off the center section- too far gone and too much missing.  I stained it to match the remaining veneer.  It's important to finish cleaning up the remaining veneer before you chose a stain color.  This didn't lighten up as much as I wanted, but it did lighten considerably.  If I had stained before cleaning, it would not match.
Below you see the machine itself.  I had what is called "pin rash" from someone wrapping a rag around the machine to use as a pin cushion.  I put a rust treatment on it that turns the metal black, and than waxed the machine with caranuba wax.  There is a resin cleaner called, I think TR3 that can be used on old machines.  However, my experience with it has been mixed.  It seem to me if the machine is in really rough shape and the lacquer is gone, the poly resin removes the decals.  This machine was pretty far gone, a lot of rust, and visibly peeling  lacquer, and so I used oil to clean with, then rust treatment to darken the bare metal, and then wax.

It is sitting in our pantry/coat closet and I DO NOT have room for it.  I just bought a belt for it from Cindy at her ebay store, Stitches in Time.  I'm certain it will sew well, as it has loosened up nicely. Then I have to find a home for it.  I already have a nice Singer 66 with these decals (called red eye informally), and I have enough treadles!  So, if any one in Northern CA would like it for the cost of the parts I've used, and you want it  let me know! I think it would be a fun machine for a home schooling family or a kid or a first treadle, or someone who just wanted a people powered machine!


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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

It feels good to rescue these machines. You did a nice job with her. I hope she finds a new home quickly.

DragonPoodle said...

Great rescue job! Now for the
REALLY hard part--finding it a good home. Good luck!

Magpie Sue said...

Truly you are a miracle worker with these poor old neglected machines. I wish there was a market for refurbished machines so you could earn your money that way. You wouldn't have to put up with idiot overbearing bosses anymore. :- )

Diane said...

Beautiful job. The cabinet is one I have been looking for but I'm way up in NW WA and my house is stuffed to the gills.
Diane on the OP in NW WA

OHN said...

I have my grandmas old Singer sitting in my laundry room. It looks a bit like this but it was electrified and runs with the use of a knee being leaned against a part that looks suspiciously like a crowbar. I have never used it, but love the fact that she did.