Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sick again

One of the bummers about having a chronic disease like rheumatoid arthritis, is that getting sick is a bigger deal.  To start with, the drug I takes knock my immune system down a little, so that while it is not attacking me, it is also a bit slack about attacking germs. So, I get sicker sooner and stay sicker longer than the rest of the house. I also have less strength and reserve than someone without RA, and while a large part of that is my long standing dislike of exercise, it is also part of the disease.

So I've been moping around with a bronchitis/pneumonia type thing, missing work.  My boss is a troll, and has already been borderline harassing me and making my co workers very uncomfortable. Because of the little ray of sunshine that he is (not), I know all the rules about sick time, have contacted my union, etc.  But what a waste of effort. My previous boss said things like "don't worry about us" and "take care of yourself, honey". He chooses to be a different kind of manager.  I believe the type that Jenny, The Blogess, calls a douche canoe. (Don't go to the blogess if you are at work or don't like swearing.  She is very, very funny, I think, but she does have potty mouth.)

So, yeah, lots to whine about.

I have been up as much as possible, and have been sewing on my LEGO quilt.  I was inspired by this one.  Shockingly, I did not follow the tutorial directions.  I am using 2.5 inch strips mostly solid, that I cut.  After I cut them, I chopped them into semi random bricks and bits, and sewed them all back together into a very long strip.  Then I proceeded as though it were a jelly roll racer quilt, sewing the strip to itself until it was more that 12 " wide.   It turned out to be slightly more that 15" wide, so I am cutting blocks from it 14.5 inches wide, and sewing them together.I needed this project to be really, really simple because I am laying down a lot in between sewing.  I'll take some picture later. It seems like too much effort right now, so that's my cue to lay down again.

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DragonPoodle said...

so sorry to hear about the RA. One of my BFs has that also, and it is NO FUN. I have chronic fatigue syndrome myself but fortunately quit working a few years back (my hubby could see which way the national economy was going, and said, "apply for social security while they are still accepting people"). I know lots of people (including me) who use sewing and crafts to distract themselves from their health problems--at least on the days when we are well enough to sit up!