Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hey, I'm a Quilter!

Well, at least a sort of quilter in a very beginner, this is just the top kind of way. Pattern from Quilts from The Quilters Gift, a nice easy how to book by the same artist that illustrated The Quilter's Gift. TQG is a nice children's book about it being better to give, blah, blah, and art for arts sake, blah.

Notice the left side pieced blocks are sort of bass akwards, and no, I was not emulating the Amish
Work. What can I say. Another nurse had her last day today. Another nurse started to cry when I gave her report and she saw who she had left to work with. When will management wake up and smell the coffee? I know I've tried to make them a cup, extra black, no sugar, and they were not interested

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Highland Annie said...

I love those colours & in no way does that look like your first quilt ! Watch it, its adictive from here on in lol.