Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Slowing down here in blogland...

...life has been a bit grim, here. People I take care of have been dying in an unusual proportion. One of the dogs had an expensive injury. The current quilt sucks, I can't seem to knit, and the house is beginning to rebel at the lack of a vaccuum cleaner. I bought the last one at Costco, and liked everything about it except that when you accidentally push it downstairs, some important part of the motor rattles around and it dosen't seem to turn on, anymore. Anyhoo, Costco doesn't seem to carry them at the moment and I am way to exhausted to go out into the world looking for a vaccuum cleaner. I actually tried to go to Target, but then I got all sleepy instead. I have been buying books, however, and actually reading them, so I may be revisiting reading as a passage. And, I saw my first movie in 9 years: Curious George.

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