Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Nice Day's Work

Nothing like a baby sweater to make me feel productive. Two balls of dk something, and some white for i cord and ribbing. I'll buy buttons when I know who I'm giving it to, as there are no babies on the horizion, at the moment. It actually took three days, but two of those I had actual work to show up at, and so it would take , I think, about one happy day on the couch to complete. I think this is my new favorite baby sweater- I am going to make a whack of these out of all the random baby yarn I seem to buy. I guess I could make these out of wool, too, for afghans for Afghans. I think they would look nice, all stripey.

Speaking of work, my boss quit. I feel like I'm escaping a shipwreck. Only two more weeks before I change departments.

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