Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Clue Fairy

Today on the elevator at work in my Major Medical Center, I overheard the chief of All talking with the Director of Everything. We had a power outage in our parts last night, and many of us were battery powered for a few hours. I live in the part of the world known for earthquakes, and I have a semi organized plan of how to deal with earthquake aftermath, presuming I am alive and in need of warm clothes, small bills, bottled water, or non perishable food. Most people have something together here- if not the official Earth Quake Kit, some awareness of where the bottled water is or whatever.

The royals are discussing the outage and how they fared and bemoaning that they had no batteries, water, or radio to tell them what happened. Yes, they felt fear. Yes, they were woefully unprepared. So, the two of them, in this discussion ( we have very slow elevators), were both planning on being more prepared for these thing. Were they :

A) planning on stopping by the grocery on the way home to pick up some water, some batteries, and some granola bars, thus having at least one days needs provided for?
B) planning on buying an official, over priced emergency kit, such as is sold almost everywhere around here?
C) planning on sending a designee to a class to learn more about disaster preparedness?

Yeah. C. They both were sending someone else to a CLASS on how to buy granola bars and water.

No wonder you have to form a study committee to get the trash emptied.

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AdamantAzoth said...

I'm glad to know that you're smart enough to come in out of the rain BEFORE commissioning a study on sudden dampness. Hope you had more than enough batteries.

I wonder, though, why so many of the Great and Holy Upper Management are so clue-free. I suppose it's possible that they are out of the habit after being insulated from the normal problems for a while, but I like to think it's a requirement for such promotion.

That would explain why I'm not a CEO; it's because I know how to change a watch battery.