Sunday, May 07, 2006

I wish it were better

But it's not. Second day, same as the first. I find it tedious beyond measure. The hardest part is that these nurses really find themselves busy. The pace is a whole different thing that the unit, which I knew, but didn't really know. I feel like I can hear the second hand ticking, very slowly, the whole damn day. I have never had two eight hour days last so long in my life before. The worst part is that they really don't want me to do the teaching for pediatrics. I guess I should have realized.

As usually, I am also full of good ideas (snort) of how I will do better at this, and it makes me have to stand on my own tongue for a good part of the day. As with all nursing jobs, it will be better when I am cut loose from my preceptors and don't have to worry about what they think. But it's a long slow day, and it will be a long slow six months before I can get a different job.

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AdamantAzoth said...

The one thing I miss about not being in Customer Service (heck, even food service) is that you have to get certain things done, you have to bust your butt, but the day just goes. You start, you hump, and bang, you're done. You may not love it, but it moves.

And then there are the jobs when you can stop and take a breath. It's nice at first. But if you don't love the job, you get far too much time to breathe.

It's amazing that you can get tired of that...even if it's only figuratively.

(I'm not planning on getting literally tired of breathing for some time to come....)