Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fleece Washing Season

For lo, the rains have left , and fleece washing season has come to the land. I am in a spinning rut. However, this is the only unwashed fleece left hanging around, from Lambtown last year. I thing it's, uhm, I forget. Corridale? Any ways, I snipped off all the tips, because they were hard to wash in the first batch, and I didn't like the color after all that effort. Thus, tip clipping.

Spinning. Well. I suck at it. This may be related to the fact that I have spent not more than a few hours at the wheel the entire winter. Some spinster I am. I am planning on luring- er- inviting the lovely E over to tutor me, perhaps with some perfectly washed locks of whatever it is. Really, I am lucky to live near her, because if there were a fleece shortage I could mooch off her monumental stash for the rest of my natural life.

Actually, calling a room full of carefully stored fleece a stash is putting it mildly. More like a horde. But, I am diverting attention from the lack of my spinning progress by hinting at that of others. So, to spinning.

I think that a big part of the problem is that after I have washed and drum carded, I am too attached to the fiber to subject it to my sucky spinning. Likewise, the lovely roving I have purchased is all being saved for some special project for when my spinning does not suck. Double that if I have hand painted it and it came out pretty. The chances for a beginning dyer to make a roving that will spin pretty, and then knit pretty, well, it's pretty slim. I hate to have my pretty roving made ugly. I have heard that good fiber is really better to learn to spin on, but hey, it's my horde, yes?

Work: well, the two nurses in my old unit who I liked who are still hanging into the PICU have started smoking. One of them is a lapsed smoker, but the other is smoking FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE. The rest of them are as (expletive deleted) as ever. My new job has me ranging free and wild through out the hospital, and in three short weeks I will no longer have a keeper, I mean preceptor, and then the fun will begin.

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