Sunday, June 29, 2008

Free Pieced Letters

Things I learned while Free Piecing Tonya Style:

I don't really know which way an "s" points

I should make the most involved letter- such as the "E" first- this is because the letter with more pieces is likely to get out of hand, size- wise.

The width of the strips I start with influences the size of the finished letter ( duh). If I want the letters to be the same size, than I should begin with same sized strips. ( duh, duh)

It's easier for me to make a bunch of the same letter all in a row- I get a rhythm on. Which explains why I have a box of "o"s.

Inversely, I like storing the letters already sewed into words. I don't like digging through a pile of letters, hoping that some are the same size and will spell something.

And, finally, I really really need a sewing machine with a spell checker.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

woohoo! you've got your own V style - very fun. so funny how everyone likes to work differently. I love having all the individual letters and playing with them. For the E's - what is the skinniest width of fabric you've cut? I use 7/8" strips for the background fabric to help keep that letter from mushrooming, though it does sometimes anyway.

Clare said...

I just grab whatever strips are available and either add or cut if the letter gets too big. I have this dreadful habit of starting off small and getting bigger and Bigger and BIGGER. I also need to write the words out as sometimes the internal smell chequer doesn't work!

I love your V's.

AlisonH said...

Oh, that's funny!

kimberlym said...

hilarious about the spell checker-I know exactly what you mean!