Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

Did you know, that if you are worried about your chickens overheating, and you sprinkle them with water, they do not appreciate your efforts? I suppose that is where the saying comes from.

I spent some time making a pair of linen pants today. Upside: easy pattern, already altered. Downside: I seem to wear a smaller pants size than when I altered it, which could be an upside, but I have to take off the waistband, alter the pants, and reset the waistband.

I had a solar attic fan installed three days ago. It seems to be making a big difference in the house. ( We have no air conditioning.) Question: why is it called air conditioning, instead of air cooling?

Chickens have personalities. Who knew? I am going to begin to campaign my brother to get chickens. It's the perfect pet- low maintenance, makes eggs ( in theory, at least. We haven't had any yet.) Provides compost ( the fraternal one is a dedicated composter.) Also, no allergies, because they are supposed to live outside and they don't like to be held, much. And now, personalities! More on this when it is not so freaking hot. No, I don't know why I want my brother to have a pet, except they make me happy, and so I think that they make other people happy.

Also, today I had a growth moment. When the pain in my neck and my hands got so bad that I started using ice packs, I actually stepped away from the sewing machine. I didn't knit, either. Really. Nor did I go clean the garage. I sat in a chair and read something. Without doing anything else. I know, amazing.


Clare said...

You've forgotten one of the best things about chickens - recycled waste!

AlisonH said...

Matching the chickens with the dog, colorwise: was that on purpose, or just some latent Martha Stewart impulse? Never mind, never mind, here, let me go get you a good Little Dee book and pull up a chair next to you with my copy.

So what did the chickens do when you squirted them? Did they cross the road? (Sorry!)

Elliott said...

Looking over the last 4 or 5 posts, I think you have birds on the brain.

Elliott said...

Also, I happen to know (don't ask me how; I just read it somehow) that air conditioning is special not because it cools the air, but because it does it while removing moisture. People could cool air by blowing it over cool water (i.e. swamp coolers) or ice but that raised the water content to a sometimes uncomfortable level. Air conditioning cools the air and removes moisture.

I'm pretty sure the article that I got this info from was a celebration of the 100 year anniversiary.