Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Dollys

Look who showed up! Isn't she lovely? I predict that she will have many sisters.
Here is her sweet doodle face. I drew quite a few, many more elaborate that this, but I found that I was most charmed by the simple drawn features.
Here are some of the quilt girls. I cracked under the pressure of all those naked foreheads and have been embroidering hair and some do dads on the babushkas and skirts.
Luckily, since I have not embroidered in years, I was able to re learn using my left hand instead of my poor right hand. If I am careful, I may eventally be able to learn to hand sew again.

Here they are, flung over a salvia that has turned shrub like. The sashing is red with pink dots. I am finding sewing the sashing to be really boring and slow. It has been a few days slog, and I have four girls left By contrast, I machine appliqu├ęd all of the girls in only two days. I t makes me realize that my usual high speed piecing is about being completely entertained and absorbed. I think the sashing will be worth the trouble. If it is not, I am not taking it out. I am hoping to work in a series with these girls, because I love them so much. SO this first effort may not be the best one. They really are fun. The embroidery goes slowly, of course, because I am learning it in the other hand.


Clare said...

I love the colours. Beautifully done.

Joyce said...

Those little dolls are soooo cute. Well done!

AlisonH said...

You got boys, so now you're creating girls and balancing them out. May I be amused?

Magpie Sue said...

Your dollies are so cute! I particularly like the 3-D one ;- )

maggie said...

Hey You, Love you and the dollies! Today is special this is my first ever............. blog comment on the first ever and only blog I read.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Look fabulous, love the added hair....cake yum, yum!! How are those city chooks?? Tracey