Monday, August 11, 2008

Remiss in my duties

(posted by Mr. Woolywoman)

Woolywoman returns today. She handed me the keys to the blog prior to leaving and requested that I guest post (except she took the camera). She has reportedly survived the trip intact and the visit was reasonably successful (no thanks to USAir - our new worst airline in the country surpassing Southwest Airlines which held that title for 10 years after trying to send our 8 month old infant to a different city than his parents on a return flight and then charging $200 to change the ticket and then threatening dad with arrest when he raised his voice - no obscenity - just a frustrated increase in volume. Whew, tried to get that all in there. Imagine what USAir had to do to beat that!), but our kids are not good travelers which surprises me since I have always been. It's not that the trip was ruined or anything, just that some of the more trying parts of their personality were more prominent; son #1 can be overly impulsive and son #2 can be overly rigid. Not really a good combination when those qualities are the strongest element especially with no moderating influence of a second parent (Woolywoman having to do all the parenting by herself), the inevitable grandparenting interference (the poor dears should never have to suffer criticism or discomfort), and unfamiliar territory.

There must be some fabric arts metaphor in there about some really good fabric with some stimulating undertones that should NOT be emphasized in the final product and a border that did not do the job of pulling it all together in a project where you are trying a new technique.

Give us your worst airline story in the comments. You know, the one that you can laugh at now or make a great story at a party, but was close to making you homicidal, suicidal, or both as it was happening.


AlisonH said...

Wow! And I always thought Southwest was okay. Jetblue is my favorite these days. Here's a Jetblue story, although, rather, it's a traffic controllers at SFO story--the same airport where the controllers shortly after backed one jet away from the gate straight into another. Oops.
They tried to land two jets on one runway simultaneously. Thanks to our pilot, we lived to tell the tale. He is forever my hero.

Then there was the time we landed at Dulles in Virginia five minutes before the tornado did at the airport. We skidded sideways down the runway. We were the last plane to land that afternoon (fancy that).

AlisonH said...

I have to add, I love your quilt metaphor. Well done!